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    Superbowl XLIII Pool


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    Superbowl XLIII Pool Empty Superbowl XLIII Pool

    Post by Admin on Thu Jan 29, 2009 8:39 pm

    Well everyone it's that time of year. The big game.

    Who would have thought that the Cardinals would make it to the Superbowl? It should be a great game. Arizona's air attack against the vaunted Steeler defense.

    In order to win the pool you must pick the winner of the game. After the winner is chosen we will go to the series of tiebreaker questions. The person with the most correct questions answered will win, if still tied, The tiebreakers will then be done in succession, until there is only one person with the correct answer. The tiebreaker questions are as follows:

    Who wins?
    Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals

    1. Who will win the coin toss? Arizona or Pittsburgh.
    2. Will the first points of the game be scored on offense or defense?
    3. Who will score first - Arizona or Pittsburgh?
    4. Who will score the first Touchdown?
    5. Who will kick the first Field Goal?
    6. Who will punt first?
    7. How many total turnovers will there be in the game? (This will include fumbles both lost and recovered, and interceptions)
    8. How many quarterback sacks will there be in the game
    9. Total passing yards
    10. Total rushing yards
    11. Will there be a two point conversion attempt? Yes or No.
    12. Who will score first in the 4th quarter?
    13. Will there be a successful coaches challenge? Yes or no
    14. Who will be Super Bowl XLIII MVP?

    The deadline for picks will be 6:00PM February 1.

    In order to be eligible for the prize, you must choose the winner, as well as answer all 14 tiebreaker questions.

    If multiple members all have the same tiebreaker answer, and they turn out to be wrong, those members will advance to the next tiebreaker question.

    To add to the contest the winner of the Superbowl Pool will receive a little prize pack that we will put together.

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