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    New faceoff rules.. Empty New faceoff rules..

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:57 pm


    The other faceoff regulation that could change is when a penalty occurs. We would like to see the faceoff immediately after a penalty is called take place in the zone of the team that commits the foul, instead of where the play is whistled down, as it is currently called.

    1)Rule 76.2 Face-off Locations

    "When players are penalized at a stoppage of play so as to result in penalties being placed on the penalty time clock to one team, the ensuing face-off shall be conducted at one of the two face-off spots in the offending team's end zone. There are only four exceptions to this application:

    1. when a penalty is assessed after the scoring of a goal - face-off at center ice;
    2. when a penalty is assessed at the end of a period - face-off at center ice;
    3. when the defending team is about to be penalized and the attacking players enter the attacking zone beyond the outer edge of the end zone face-off circle - face-off in the neutral zone;
    4. when the team not being penalized ices the puck - face-off in the neutral zone outside the blueline of the team icing the puck."

    The basic concept is that the offending team will always have the first face-off of the penalty kill in their defending zone. The third exception means that if the attacking team encroaches on the end-zone face-off circles to pressure the team being called for a penalty, the face-off is conducted in the neutral zone. This is the same premise, when the defense of an attacking team goes below the circles after the puck has been frozen by the goaltender.


    When an offensive player rings a shot off the opposition's crossbar and the puck flies out of play. Currently, when this action transpires in a game, the ensuing faceoff comes outside the blueline. But there is a movement to have the faceoff stay in the opposition's zone, so the team that shoots the puck is not penalized for a bad bounce.

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