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    Pond Hockey Challenge hoping to host 50 teams


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    Pond Hockey Challenge hoping to host 50 teams Empty Pond Hockey Challenge hoping to host 50 teams

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:02 pm

    The Journal Pioneer

    STANLEY BRIDGE – The frozen waters of New London Bay will play host to Saturday’s inaugural P.E.I. Pond Hockey Challenge.
    The event is the brainchild of hockey dad, fan and player Dale Larkin.
    “I've been trying to do it the last couple of years. We’ve got a good year with lots of ice so I decided to do it,” said Larkin, a die-hard Montréal Canadiens fan who plays with the old timers’ team, the Rustico Raiders.
    He opted to hold the event Feb. 21, coinciding with CBC’s Hockey Day in Canada.
    Larkin’s son and daughter, along with their friends, have formed teams. So far, eight teams are registered. Larkin hopes to have 50 the day of the challenge.
    “We’re going to be ready to go at 9:30, 10 o’clock in the morning and go all day. We'll try to play the different divisions at different times, starting with the youngsters and ending up with the adults,” he explained.
    It’s a four-on-four format with a spare allowed.
    Divisions are under 11, under 13, under 30 and over 30 for males and females.
    Registration deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 18.
    Larkin has been working steadily over the past few of days preparing the ice.
    “There's quite a bit of work,” he said, adding he expects to have six 60x80-foot ice surfaces.
    Prizes are still being sorted out.
    “We hope to get it off the ground and build it into something that is going to be a massive event.”


    1. Games are comprised of two 15-minute halves with a five-minute rest period in between periods.
    2. Goaltending is not allowed. Player skates are not allowed to enter the marked crease area.
    3. Winning teams have 30 minutes from the end of the game to report the score to the stats zone. Otherwise, the game will be treated as a tie for both teams.
    4. Saucer passes are participant's choice. Common sense must prevail.
    5. When a goal is scored the opposing team must yield the centre line until an attacking player has crossed the half.
    6. When the puck leaves the ends of the rink, the puck is turned over to the team that did not play the puck at the point of exit.

    There is a registration fee for each team. To register or for more information, visit sport.ca/peipondhockey

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